Why Not “Reasonable” Gun Control Legislation?

Woman-in-AlleyA woman is walking down an alley at night and two men jump out of the shadows and tell her they are going to rape her.  The woman, who is a middle aged physician recovering from depression and has never acquired a concealed carry permit,  draws her concealed gun from her purse.  The rapists hesitate…

Suddenly, a person we will name Pat walks by and grabs the woman’s gun and runs away with it.  The men are then able to proceed with their deed.

I am of course upset with the rapists, and I very much consider them morally wrong.

Almost as guilty is Pat.  I consider Pat morally wrong as well.

Whether Pat grabbed the victim’s gun a second or a year sooner than my above story, Pat remains a bad person.  Pat can say that we can “agree to disagree” however as long as the rape victim’s sobbing echoes through my mind, it is to me much more than a political difference.

Pat prevented gun violence. End Gun Violence #endgunviolence ?#stopgunviolence ?

Not all “gun violence” is bad.





End Gun Violence #endgunviolence by arming yourself so that you can defeat an armed attacker!

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