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End Gun Violence Memes

Stop Propaganda!

This post offers memes related to civilian disarmament for thinking people to contemplate…

Because those with IQ’s over 93 understand that “Gun Violence” is a term made up by propagandists that are counting on you being stupid.

It would be intellectually honest, even if debatable, to argue for ending “Violence in which a gun was used” but for dishonest folks, that just isn’t good enough.  The term ” #endgunviolence ” is a smart/evil way to attach an action to an item.

endgunviolence stopgunviolence

End Gun Violence #endgunviolence
Newtown Action Alliance
End Gun Violence #endgunviolence JFPFO Jews with Guns
Night of Broken Glass

That is a sobering thought, isn’t it?  Totalitarians seeking greater power always mock resisters, labeling them as paranoid or as insurgents.

End Gun Violence #endgunviolence

Arguments made by people that support the governments using their force to take property (firearms) away from people are not typically logical.  Some arguments are good from a pragmatic perspective, but ignore basic human rights.  For example, one might argue that a man that wants to have sexual intercourse and feel powerful ought to rape a woman.  That argument is pragmatically acceptable, but is not morally acceptable.

It could be absolutely true that if useful innocents help the government take away independent individualist’s guns, there could be fewer guns in circulation, and there might be fewer carjackers that get shot.  It could be absolutely true that a man that rapes a woman pragmatically achieves his goal.  I think he is a horrible man, perhaps as bad as another person that removes effective protective tools from human beings, rendering them less able to protect themselves.  Both are bad actions!

End Gun Violence #endgunviolence

Gun Violence” statistics are very skewed!  In fact, not ALL violence is bad, right?  For example, if a man initiates violence against a women by attempting to rape her, and she violently shoves him away, should she be hated for employing “hand violence?”  That would be ridiculous!

End Gun Violence #endgunviolence

End Gun Violence #endgunviolence
End Gun Violence #endgunviolence